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- Anne, Ryde

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Water Leaks/ Burst Pipes

We have a knack for finding water leaks with minimal disruption to your walls,  floors or concrete driveway – It’s just one of those things we are good at!  

If you think you may have a leak in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere around your home (inside or out), Ace Performance Plumbing can locate and repair it. 

Call today for one of our plumbers to fix your leak before it does any major damage to you home, and costs you hundreds in excess water charges.

Pipes are usually hidden for us not to see – but if there’s a problem…… we’ll find it in no time!

Call Ace Performance Plumbing today  on 1300 85 2348 and start saving money on your water bill!

Pipe Repairs/Replacement:

If your pipe is leaking, or they are older type of pipes that have corroded, Ace Performance Plumbing can help repair the pipes to rectify the leak for you.  If they are older galvanised pipes that are rusting away badly, you may wish to consider a replacing them with copper piping, to prevent an on-going issue.

Noisy Pipes:

If your pipes suffer from 'water hammer' (a shudder in the pipes when you turn on/off a tap, or the washing machine or dishwasher kicks in) then Ace Performance Plumbing can almost certainly fix your issue today, and help prevent possible further damage.

Pipe Location/Detection:

Not only can we detect water leaks, but if you are doing any work in your yard or property…i.e landscaping, putting in a pool or just need to find out if there are ANY pipes ‘under’ the ground where you want to start that renovation etc?

Ace Pipe Locating can locate all your required services for you,…..that’s any Telstra pipework, Water  pipes, Electricity  Cables even Gas lines. We can locate leaks and pipework in walls or underground to save you time and money. Click Here to find out more.

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